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Choosing the right Cloud support partner

Choosing the right Cloud partner

is as much about breadth of experience and approach towards relationship management than it is about technology choice and service pricing.

Is your provider responsive 24×7? Do they structure issue responses, processes & SLAs to align to your business needs? Are they proactive and capable across each layer of the stack including WAN, datacenter management, hardware, networking, virtualisation, cloud platform, server OS and application architecture?

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Building relationships that last

DNS Europe's focus is on building long term trust relationships with our customers. We achieve this by being actively involved with our customers at every level of the service delivery process from early service design discussions right through to operational support and 3rd party vendor relationship management and delivering consistently on our promises.

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Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for AppLogic® now available FREE

DNS Europe takes great pleasure in announcing that our leading Cloud Control Panel (CCP) for CA's AppLogic® turn-key cloud platform is now available FREE OF CHARGE with any AppLogic License or Hosting service purchased from us or our participating partners.

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Micro Unit (Mµ)

Affordable pre-integrated private cloud stack including hardware, cloud platform, control panel, service design, support, optional hosting, maintenance & warranty - All you need to grow from software developer to global cloud service provider.

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Public Cloud Servers

Public Cloud services from DNS Europe are based on the same great platforms as our Private Cloud offerings, where we can create and host any bespoke service templates, tailored to your specific application and virtual infrastructure needs.

Now from only £7/€9 per month.

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Invitation for OpenStack Collaboration Proposals

With over 15 years of datacenter infrastructure, business hosting & outsourced support experience, DNS Europe has quickly made a name for itself in the Cloud industry as a leading partner for CA technologies AppLogic cloud platform. Our expertise includes both public and private cloud deployments as well as support & maintenance outsourcing for Enterprise customers.

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